FOMO Factory: A pop up art installation designed to revisit childhood (English post).

FOMO Factory in Austin

Hi, everyone! How are you doing? As I promised in the beginning of the year when I wrote my goals for 2019, I will start to write posts in English! ♥♥♥ Many people of USA are visiting the blog and I live in Texas and so I felt the need to write some content in English too. We will have three or four posts a month in English.

FOMO Factory in AustinFOMO Factory in Austin

First of all, I apologize for my English. If you find something with a wrong expression it’s because I’m still learning. I wanna to improve my writing every time and there’s nothing better than a post about Austin-Texas to start… with many colorful e funny photos, the way I like it!

So… This last weekend, I visited the most beautiful and colorful house in Austin: The FOMO Factory (@thefomofactory). To those who do not know what it is, I will show you what you’ll find there.

Se você não entende Inglês e lê o blog, pode traduzir todo este post usando o tradutor do google na lateral direita.

FOMO Factory in AustinFOMO Factory in Austin

The FOMO Factory is a pop up art installation designed to make you revisit the childhood, as the creators define their own project. I’ve discovered this place looking for something to do in my Instagram account and loved the decorations with toys, balloons, cute and thematic scenarios and colorful walls to take pictures and have fun.

FOMO Factory in Austin

The installation is now on 720 Red River Street, Downtown, Austin until January, 27 and the tickets can be purchased in advance for $23 per adult. Apparently, they will move to another city shortly after. I recommended that you look the FOMO factory’s Instagram account (@thefomofactoryfor more information.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and get inspired to visit the place if you live or are visiting Austin or put some balloons in your bathroom and take crazy photos in your home. Haha! ˆˆ

FOMO Factory in Austin

Birthday room.

FOMO Factory in Austin_Birthday roomFOMO Factory in Austin

Toy room.

FOMO Factory in Austin


This was my favorite!

FOMO Factory in Austin

Dance room.

FOMO Factory in Austin

School room.

Like old times!

FOMO Factory_Funny School roomFOMO Factory_School room

Summer vacation.

I’m a Flamingo lover!

FOMO Factory in Austin

When it’s cold outside…

FOMO Factory in Austin

Summer vacation roomFOMO Factory in Austin

Music room in the background.

FOMO Factory in Austin

Cupcake wall.

FOMO Factory in AustinFOMO Factory in Austin


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