3 lovely holidays cards for free download

3 lovely holidays cards for free download_EDITED

It’s holidays time and if you follow me for a long time, you should know that I am definitely a Christmas lover! I’m not a religious person, but I really enjoy this time of the year and it’s always my favorite between all holidays since I was a kid.

I like because the people are more kind (we should be all the year, by the way!) and you can see pretty lights in the places and at the front of the houses! Most people can see all your family in the parties. The places are always full of people buying presents for your friends and loved ones.

I like because you think more about love, what you did in the year and what you want for the next. And I always thing about become the better person I can be.

I like, specially, because I can make my home more festive and joyful with the Christmas decorations! And I like even more because the year is going to the end and I do love a fresh start in January, make new goals, start a new course or hobby, make some different! I don’t know exactly what, but I need of this renovation that a new year can bring to us.

No matter what are your reasons to love the holidays, all of us are here to enjoy our lives, what and who we love. And a simple and lovely way to do this without spend a lot of money, because this is not the most important thing, is to give to someone who you love a card with kind and thankful words for one more year that you two spend together.

For this reason, on today’s blog post, I share with you 3 lovely holidays cards to download for free. Just in time for the Christmas week!

There’re 3 different models with minimalist and delicate details to bring a little more joy for someone who you care about.

On the first card, you can paste your favorite polaroid picture that represent your best wishes for the person who will receive the card.

The other two are also very cute and more formal to wish happy holidays to your friends from work, school and your respective families.

I hope you enjoy the cards! Happy holidays!!! ♥

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The three links with the cards (polaroid memories, white holiday and polka dots) will show up right bellow. So, just click on the one of your choice, save in your computer and print in a card paper or as you prefer.

– – – – You also can write a few words on the back of the paper. – – – –



Landscape – 7 x 5 in (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm)

Suggestion of use:

Print one or two cards in a cardstock (size letter) and cut in the edges.


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