Happy new year, some news about the blog and a thank you note for you all

Happy new year and a thank you note for you all

I know… It’s a little late to say that. But I took another break for the blog this holidays weeks and I really don’t wanna miss this opportunity to wish to you all a happy new year, talk about some news and what I expect for the blog this year. Also, I couldn’t miss these first days and not make a lovely flat lay to celebrate the beginning of a new year and a new decade!

Some news about the blog.

For the first time in almost two years of blogging, I finally can feel more confident to write about all the things I really believe that I should write, do what I really want on my blog, do not listening anyone opinion and those marketing ideas to grow fast and forget of the true meaning of the blog for me. And I hope I can be way more consistent and stay more connected with the people who are following me here! I’m very excited for the 2020 content on the blog and I hope you can enjoy all my posts this year!

I started this blog in April of 2018 writing more about fashion and my personal style, with the name “Depois do Café” (café is coffee in Portuguese), because I always was a caffeine addict and of course my blog should have coffee in the name! haha! However, after some big changes in my whole lifestyle (that I will be more specific in another post), and after weeks thinking about it, I decided to change the blog’s name to “M loves…“. That is the perfect name to write about all the things I love and also that can be an inspiration and help other people in your own lifestyle.

This year I decided to focus more on home décor, organizing ideas, wellness and so many others themes that I love the most… such as my own healthy recipes, music, movies, series and other lifestyle tips to inspire your life in some way.

I also decided to write since December exclusively in English. I know that I have many people that live in Brazil following the blog, but I spend all the last year trying to do that. I wrote one or two blog posts in English and I always came back to Portuguese. But the true is that I’ve been living in Texas for more than two years now, I really want to improve my English and write more for the people who live here in US.

I’d love to have two different home pages on the blog (in Portuguese and English), and you all could choose the language that you prefer, but that is a really hard work to do for myself now. So, I decided to focus just on English, especially because it’s a language that more people can understand. However, everybody can translate all the blog content (posts, pages, etc.) by clicking in “Translate this website” on the right side of the home page →

I hope you can enjoy my English content as well!

A little thank you note.

May 2020 be filled with big and small moments of joy, health, and good achievements in your life and everyone around you. May you keep moving to make your dreams come true and do not be discouraged by the possible obstacles that you can find along the way!

May you always can find a warm hug with someone you love and in small moments that remind us of how life can be good and a true gift!

May each day can be a new opportunity to start over and maybe, also fix something that has gone wrong. May the simplicity, respect for the others, kindness and the beauty of the little things always be with you!

A happy and prosper 2020 for everyone! And I hope we all can be here for more and more years, sharing our favorite things together!


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Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!


Maria Galvão
Welcome to M loves! My name is Maria and I'm 31 years old. I was born in Brazil and I live in Texas with my husband and our two cats since 2017. I created this blog in 2018 with the old name "Depois do café" to share my experiences about personal style, home décor, organization, travel, lifestyle and all my favorite things that can inspire you in some way. Nowadays, I'm looking forward to have a healthier life, make better lifestyle choices and focus on my wellness. I love photography, decorating our home, watching comedy, romantic series and movies, writing on the blog and using the Pinterest for inspiration. I also love polka dots, retro, romantic style, a cozy and lovely home to brings even more joy for my daily routine. Hope you enjoy my posts and can be inspired with them!