7 new habits that improved my life in 2019

7 new habits that improved my life in 2019

I know most people like to start a new year making new goals and plans, and I definitely enjoyed to do that for the last years. I always made a lot of goals for every new year, but I could never complete most of them. But THIS year, I decided to do a little different and instead of start January already making new goals, I want to think first about what I did and actually improved my life in some way this past year. So, on today’s blog post, I’m going to list and talk about 7 new habits I finally started in 2019 and improved my whole life.

2019 was a year of many changes for me. I know that’s sounds like a cliche, but it’s and it’s also true! As big as 2017 when I decided to get away from my old job, my old life, move to another country, get married, and live here in Texas.

First of all, I’d like to talk quickly about some of my health issues that I have since I was a teenager. I was always a very allergic person and around my 17’s , I became very allergic to some foods such as shrimp, some pain medications, dust, mite, histamine and cockroach (I really don’t know what happens if I touch a cockroach because I never touch one!).

With my 20’s, I also start to suffer with back pain, hormonal acne and lactose intolerance. I probably had other food intolerances at that time, but I didn’t know about it. I also had problems with heavy bleeding and it was getting worse every year There was a time in my 20’s that almost everything caused me some allergy or discomfort and I found out other foods and medications allergies and intolerances as the years went by.

While those things happened, I decided to have some strong medications such as antibiotics and contraceptives to try to control my hormonal acne and heavy bleeding and that really works for me for almost two years. Although, I also have a lot of side effects and after the first two years, both got worse again. I’ve tried other medications to control these two specific issues, but all them had not worked for me for a long time, they were made me even worse and I decided to stop with any kind of medications at the beginning of 2019.

I also spend my whole life screwing up my diet, consuming lots of sugar, soda drinks, dairy products (even being without lactose, it still made me feel bad, with some constipation or bloating), junkie and processed foods. I lived alone in my own apartment for 5 years in Brazil, and frozen and read to go foods were always my first choices at that time. I also never liked to drink more water, I had a lot of caffeine to help me to stay awake every single day and I never liked to exercise often.

I got to the point of having to stay in bed for two or three days every month when I got my period and I also had unexpected weight gain in less than a year since I came to live in Texas. I was always skinny, even eating everything. And to finish my “quick” list of issues (haha.), a few months ago, I found out that I also have some fibroids in my uterus. That’s when I decided to stop with everything I’ve been doing in my whole life!!!

I need to tell you that I never looked like a sick person and I always had a normal life. These are not the kind of problems that do this with you. They’re more like invisible and they’re slowly making you worse and when you realize, it’s been years and you were thinking that was normal to live that way, and these problems have already become part of your routine. And so, that’s how I lived the first 31 years of my life.

But, don’t worry! I am good now and I’m felling much better of everything every month!

It’s the first time I write more specifically about my health, I don’t know if someone will read this introductory part, but I hope that this post can inspire at least someone who can be suffering with some issues and this person can change something for better, even if it’s a little. ♥

So, let’s go to my new habits!


I am very proud of myself in say that I’ve made only healthy food choices since September, 23! I never liked to eat vegetables or fruits and I barely ate some potato (specially fried) and sometimes, a small portion of salad mixed with a lot of sauce, croutons and parmesan cheese. But now, I cut off completely dairy, grains, read meat, refined sugar and carbs, legumes, vegetables oils, caffeine, any kind of junkie and processed foods.

The first two weeks was very scary because I was thinking that there were so many restrictions and wouldn’t be nothing left to eat and I would never eat the things I like again. But after one month and a lot of researches, I realized that I still have an infinity of options and much more delicious than I had been eating before.

Today, I eat just whole foods, those that have nutricional value, that are minimally processed, can be good for my body and help me to heal my issues. Any kind of vegetables (raw and cooked), lots of green leafs and fruits (my favorites are banana, pear and blueberry), white and organic meats, fish, some nuts, and healthy fats. I replaced my daily coffee for herbal teas (caffeine free), coconut water, fresh fruit juices or smoothies, both with no added sugars. I also replaced the conventional lactose free milk that I had for non-dairy options such as coconut and almond milk, which ones are my favorites and I make my owns at home.

I already lose 6 pounds of the 14 that I gained in the past months and I’m not making any regulation of calories. I’m just eating healthy every day and until I feel full. My hormonal acne is also better, my bleeding still is heavy but it’s much less than before and I’m not feeling sick every month, during the days I get my period.

It has not been easy to change so much and completely quit old habits such as ordering fast food when you are too lazy to cook, specially living here in US. And you need to spend a lot more time preparing and cooking every day. But the results have been very significant for my health and I don’t intend to stop. I definitely want to turn this into a new definitive lifestyle and not just a temporary diet.


The next decision I’ve made after change my diet and see the diference was stop using beauty products made with a lot of chemicals that can be bad for my body. As I already said at the beginning, I was always an allergic person and I always have problems with some basic beauty products with alcohol and other substances. I could never use a simple make up in my whole life because I’m very allergic to everything I’ve ever tried and I also have rosacea and my face gets pink and itches when in contact with some substances.

Even not using a lot of products because of my allergies, I still have many others that never caused me anything, but have chemicals that can be harmful for the health, specially can cause hormonal imbalance, that’s one of the reasons of my problems. So, I decided to quit using them gradually. It’s very difficult just stop using almost everything you’re used to and it needs to be done a little at a time.

Now I’m trying to find new natural products that could work for me. I’m also taking a break of using many facial skin care items, and just leaving my face breath, taking more from the inside than the outside, using only my normal soap, a natural toner and sunscreen every day. I hope in a year I can be using more natural items in my whole life, specially in our home.


I always put in my New Year’s goals: “reduce coffee consumption”, and I could never done it. Believe me, I thought I was the most caffeine addict in the world and I won’t never stop drinking coffee. I never left my home without a big mug of pure coffee every morning and there were days when I drank 4-6 mugs of coffee at work.

I ended up getting a lot more tired and without energy after so much coffee, and I still had problems to sleep every night. But the truth is, I was completely wrong about my “addiction” When I decided to stop, I only had a little of headache one day, and then I was very good and felling better and better every day.

Today, as soon as I wake up, I have a glass of water and after a while, I have my smoothie for breakfast. I haven’t been sleepy all day and cutting caffeine was one of my best achievements of 2019! I still love coffee and I want to come back to drink sometimes organic no caffeinated black coffee. But maybe in a year. I am good without it for now.


This was one thing that still is hard for me, but I try my best every day. And I’m completely sure that I’m drinking much more water that I’ve been drinking in my whole existence! At last in the morning and when I go to bed, I drink a glass full of pure water and during the day I drink 3 cups of herbal teas, smoothie, coconut water or just some fruit that are great to hydrate.

I have my own water bottle when I go out but I still need to improve that and consume more water when I’m home.


That was another thing that I tried to do since 2018, but only this end of year I could really reduce my daily time on social medias. I spent many weeks at the beginning of Fall taking a break of everything, only resting, reading, learning new recipes, and making some researches to learn how to improve my health. I spent weeks accessing my social medias very little, and without making content to post on them. And this weeks was crucial to make me drastically reduce the use of social medias, and keep me doing it after that time because I feel so much better and I had way more time to do other things that are priorities.

I decided to keep only one account on Instagram where I focus on my home decorations, flat lays ideas, and all pictures that I can take by myself, without need help of my husband and take his time too. I also limited my time using and making content for my social medias, specially Instagram and Pinterest (These two are my favorite and I really enjoy use them).

Every night, I try to keep my phone away from me, at least 30 min before go to sleep or when I’m with my husband having dinner or watching some movie. And I completely forget where my phone is. I also try not to stay scrolling my phone every 5 min during the day. Some days, I spent the whole afternoon without touch on my phone, only focusing on my household activities, reading, studying or writing for the blog.


That’s a daily activity that I always want to do, but I could never find a proper time to stop what I’m doing and only listening to more podcasts as I wanted. But now, I found out the perfect time and I listen to every time I’m cooking or cleaning the house, specially on Mondays, when I have new episodes of my favorite Brazilian podcasts about style, beauty, culture, lifestyle, self-esteem. I also have some new favorites in English about healthy life, blogging and feminine universe. Today, I can say I’m consuming a lot more podcasts than my other favorite social medias.

I have this blog post where I talk about my 5 favorite Brazilian podcasts and I can make another about my English favorite soon:

5 podcasts Brasileiros feitos por mulheres para você ouvir (Portuguese text)


This last is being a lot harder than changing my whole diet! I confess I’ve always been too lazy to exercise, but I’ve been trying my best every week.

I really need to improve that, learn more about yoga and meditation for beginnings and go out more times a week to walk, get some sunlight and fresh air. Those things are very great to improve my health and definitely one of my priorities these next years. But, go outside to a walk, even if it’s only one day in a week for 20 min, and start learning and doing yoga or stretching for 30min twice a week, 10 min of some meditation focusing on my breath daily was already a big step to get started.

I want to stay focus on my health from now on, and do everything that makes me move more is a big step. So, I consider that I advanced a lot at the end of 2019 and this makes me feel motivated to continue trying to exercise even more. Without demanding so much hard of myself and my body, and with no specific time goals. Just in my time and my way.

All these new little habits already make me feel way better that I was before and I feel really proud of myself for making them in 2019. And I hope I can improve even more my whole lifestyle in some way this year!

Hope you enjoy the 7 new habits that improved my life in 2019 and can feel inspired to try something new too!

Write me a comment about your achievements in 2019 or what did you think of this post!

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7 new habits that improved my life in 2019


Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!



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