Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

The year barely begins and most people, specially here in US in my opinion, already start to think in buying new decoration to renovate your homes with an excuse of fill the empty spaces after removing the Holidays décor. At the first days of January, you already can see a lot of Valentine’s Day decoration taking place at the stores, a lot of marketing campaigns encouraging people to buy more and everybody just end up spending even more money just in the first week of the year.

I am a person who loves buy some new decoration, visit the stores to see the news, and I’m always looking for something that our home needs because we are buying our things slowly and we still don’t have everything we’d like to have at home. But honestly, I think the way most people consuming a little too much. Every month, every holiday, every season, every new pantone color of the year, you do not need to buy new decorations to keep your home beautiful. I know it’s a choice and if you can afford for it there’s no problem. I was a little this way when I moved to Texas, completely enchanted with the new country and buying anything I saw just because were cute, trend or new at the stores.

However, I’ve changed my mind a lot these last two years about consuming, in terms of fashion and also home décor. I don’t think that I need to change my entire decoration so many times a year just because is trend and people are doing it. I still have a lot of things that I buy for impulse in the past, but now I know that I can have everything I want and can afford in my home, and also unseasonal, durable decorations that can make me spark joy the whole year and buy new things only when I truly need.

So, if you agree with me and wanna start the year saving some money instead of spending it, on today’s blog post, I will share simple ways to refresh your home to start the year without spending money. I am not a professional in home organizing, I’m just sharing tips that I do in my home and really works for me, and certainly can help you, if you need of some advice and inspiration.

Let’s go to the tips!


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Our living room all clean and tidy after I’ve removed the Holidays decoration


1 – Remove all the Holidays decoration in the first weeks of the year.

First of all, remove all the the Holidays decorations at the first days of January and you will have a big step to refresh your home for the new year! After that, just put back your convencional decoration or keep the blank spaces to think about what you want to do in these spaces in the future.

Store your Holidays decorations in large containers such as plastic boxes with lids and inside, in smaller boxes or plastic bags to keep all the small item safe and organized for the next use.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Lovely details and a few Valentine’s decorations that I actually love for the whole year!


2 – Select the seasonal items that are broken or you don’t want anymore and donate.

Select all the seasonal items of the last year that are broken or you don’t want anymore and donate to some thrift store, give to some friend that will make a better use of them or, if they are good, sell in some app such as Poshmark.

Keep those you want organized in large boxes or inside some cabinet. I like to the drawers in our TV rack to keep some small item when I’m not using them. And the others holidays decoration, I keep inside of large plastic boxes that I organize inside the second bedroom’s closet.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

I just love this view!


3 – Clean one room per day and make a general cleaning and organization.

Make a little schedule in your planner or cellphone to clean and organize your entire home at the beginning of the year and do it in one room per day or week, depending of your time available.

I’m spending these first weekends of the year making a general cleaning in our entire home with my husband’s help. Ask for your family’s help to do all the tasks faster.

Listen to your favorite playlists, comfy clothes, and try to have fun cleaning your home together, seeing old memories that maybe were stored and forgotten. And after all, have some snacks, tea and enjoy the smells of your home clean and tidy after a entire day of cleaning.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Our little pantry is getting so beautiful and organized!


4 – Reorganize your pantry, kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets/shelves.

I always like to start the year making some general cleaning in all the main house’s cabinets (pantry, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms) and this make a big difference, even for us that don’t accumulate a lot of things.

Put all the items out, clean every drawer and cabinets for the inside, discard all the expired items and keep just those you still want to use. Do the same things with all the shelves and reorganize the items that you usually keep on them. Move some things to another places and try a new layout inside the cabinets and the shelves.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

My favorite details in the laundry room


5 – Check the expiration date of all your household items and throw out the expired ones.

I think it’s very important always make a big review and throw out cleaning products that are out of the expiration date and may not be used anymore.

I’m in a transition phase in our home, and I’m looking for new and natural cleansers, and also making some homemade options without any kind of chemicals that can cause health problems. So I’ve thrown a lot of things away these past few months.

I recently bought this book “The complete book of clean” on Amazon, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn everything you need to know to clean and organize your entire home for yourself and also make natural, homemade household products and save even more money. I started reading a few days ago and it’s already being extremely helpful in my routine. Besides that, the book is very well designed and written.


Simple ways to refresh your home to start the year without spend more money_picture 8


6 – Wash all the rugs, curtains, blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions and change all the covers, dish clothes and towels.

I am a very allergic person. So, I usually wash all my blankets, bed sheets, pillows/cushion covers every week. Also all the towels and dish clothes are washed every week for hygienic reasons. But it’s also very important wash them and everything else, such as the curtains, bigger rugs, pillows and cushions.

This step will help make these things last longer and will help you to start the year with a refreshing smell for the entire home.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

I love my bedside and this dressing table!


7 – Check the expiration date of your beauty/self care products and throw out the expired ones.

As item 5, I truly recommend that you make a complete cleaning with your beauty/self care products, keep only the ones you’re still using and throw out all those that are out of the expiration date. That’s very important for health reasons, but also will make you feel relieved seeing all those things that you do not use anymore and all the space that you’ll gain.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Still cozy for the Winter…


8 – Select those clothes that you didn’t use for the whole year, donate or sell the good ones in a sell app.

You can also use the Poshmark app to sell the clothes you don’t use anymore and make some money.

I think this little tip can help… I have a little basket inside my closet, and throughout the year, I put on the clothes that need some adjustment, or I don’t want to wear anymore and leave them there for a while, until I decide what to do with them. This way, it’s easier find the clothes and simply donate or take pictures to sell in the app. Every week, I said that I will take the clothes and start my Poshmark closet, but I end up leaving for later. I still need to do that and I really hope to do until February.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

This little shelf makes a big difference on the wall.


9 – Move some home décor items to another places around the house.

I love move some pieces and put in another places around our home and I actually do this all the year!

A little flowers vase that were in my bedroom can also be pretty on my desk or on the coffee table in the living room. Recently, I put this pink puff that was in our closet in the living room. It looks pretty in both places and is being very useful here when I’m watching movies with my husband.

I think that, after a good and general cleaning, is the best thing you can do to make your home looks renovate without spend more money.

Just move some decoration items or furniture (if it’s possible) and you will see a big difference, as if you had bought new things!


10 – Try a new layout with the furniture.

This item requires a little more work, and you can only change the arrangement of the furniture if your home has enough space for it. But surely it’s one of the things that will most renovate the space.

Try first, change little furnitures to another places, such as a bench or cart, baskets, plants, some chair, small rugs, storages… Or, if you are in the mood, try a new place for the sideboard, the living room couches or some shelf.

Since we moved, I haven’t changed much the furniture. Maybe in the future, I’d love to move the sofas and the TV rack to make a completely different layout in our living room. But for now, I like the way our home is.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

She always stays on the printer looking at me in the afternoons, when I’m writing for the blog.


11 – Reorganize your home office, if you have one.

This item is also import as well, because, if you have a home office, you probably work or study from home, and you spend a lot of your time on it. So, I think it’s necessary to make a special cleaning in this space.

Reorganize your shelves, clean your desk, change your mood board if you have some composition in the wall, reorganize your papers, documents, the stationery items and throw out everything you also don’t use anymore.


Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

This mural still is a little empty, but I’ll work on it soon. I love my polaroid pictures on display!


12 – Select old pictures of your family and make a new mood board or gallery to decorate some blank space.

You only need of your old pictures, ribbon and some strips, or wash tape to fix the photos on the wall and have a beautiful, homemade, new composition without spend with fancy frames and wall arts.

On my Pinterest, I have this board that you can see right bellow with many pretty inspirations to make an easy photo composition just with few materials that you probably have at home.



These were my simple ways to refresh your home to start the year without spend more money!

I hope you enjoy my tips and can be inspired to do some of them!


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Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money


Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!



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