Lovely Valentine’s Day Cards and Wallpapers for Free Download

Lovely Valentine's Day Cards and Wallpapers for Free Download

I usually end up choosing my gifts when it’s my birthday or some holidays, and I always choose something that I need or I’ve been planning to buy for a long time. However, I think that flowers (my favorite are pink roses and peonies) and a lovely handwritten card are some of the most pretty things to give to someone to celebrate your love.

Sometimes, all we need is a simple gesture that makes us remember that we are loved and special to someone. And a simple, but full of affection, card is a perfect idea to do that and also celebrate Valentine’s Day!

For these reasons, on today’s post, I share with you lovely Valentine’s Day cards and also cellphone wallpapers for free download.

Bellow you can see some pictures with the three templates which ones are available in the card size (7 x 5 in) to download at the end of this post.

I printed mine in a smaller size and you can print yours in the size you prefer until the card size to keep the quality of the impression. Just edit the scale in your printer settings before to print and cut out the edges. You also can write lovely notes on the back.


Lovely Valentine's Day cards and wallpapers for free download_4

Lovely Valentine's Day Cards and Wallpapers for Free Download

Lovely Valentine's Day Cards and Wallpapers for Free Download


–  Follow the steps bellow to the DOWNLOAD:

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To download the PNG’s images, just register your e-mail in the box bellow and confirm your registration on it.

After that, you can just came back and reload this page to see the links to the download. You will have access to this and all the other templates that are available for free on the blog.

  • Blog subscribers:

The six links with the images (3 cards and 3 wallpapers) will show up right bellow. Then, just click on each link of your choice and save in your computer.


–  Dimensions:

cards: 7 x 5 inches (4000 px 2857 px)| cellphone wallpapers: 2160 px x 3840 px.






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Lovely Valentine's day cards and wallpapers or free download

Lovely Valentine's day cards and wallpapers for free download



Hope you enjoy the cards and the wallpapers!

Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!


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