The Best Spotify Playlists to Elevate your Mood

The Best Spotify Playlists to Elevate your Mood

If you follow me for some time, you probably know that I love playlists so much! I’m not an expert, but I like music and make new playlists all the time for some trip, my morning routine, with my favorite movies soundtracks… And I also like listening to some Playlists made for the Spotify to get knowing new songs and stay motivated for my routine.

I listen to music almost every day in my life, and you until can think that I have a lot of time or I have anything to do. But it is the opposite!

I always try listening to music when I’m cooking, doing house work, having shower, or even for 10 minutes while I’m drinking my tea in the afternoons, or when I wake up and I’m doing my bed. These little breaks are essential to make my day a little bit easier and make me fell more motivated to start the activities I need to do in my routine.

If you are not used to listening to music every day, I highly recommend to you do that because beside this will not delay your whole day, you will have tiny, lovely moments to relax, even if you have a stressed routine.

So, on today’s post, I share the best Spotify Playlists, that I follow or made by myself, and will certainly help to elevate your mood.

Hope you enjoy!

I will update this post, in case I discover new playlists in the next months. I also always update my own playlists.


Watch me Bloom, by Bruna Viera:


Minha Califórnia (“My California” in English), by Bruna Vieira:


Manhã Feliz (“Happy morning” in English), by imalenaflores:


Mood Booster, by Spotify:


Monday Motivation, by Spotify:


Little Stories, By Maria Galvao:


Happy Days, by Spotify:


Songs to sing in the shower, by Spotify:


Summer 2019, by Maria Galvao:


Let it Fall, by Maria Galvao:


Songs to sing in the car, by Spotify:


Cleaning Kit, by Spotify:


Women of Pop, by Spotify:


Let’s do this!, by Maria Galvao:



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The Best Spotify Playlists to Elevate your Mood

The Best Spotify Playlists to Elevate your Mood


Please, let me know in the comments which playlist is your favorite!


Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!



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