Many Things You Can Do at Home

Many things you can do at home

Today, I’m going to share a post that I’ve wanted to write about for a long time. With this difficult and delicate moment that we all are going through, due to the spread of coronavirus in countless countries, and many people having to live in quarantine, I thought it would be a good time to write about things you can do without leaving your home.

Below, I listed many of the things you can do without leaving your home, with links, books, websites, blogs and youtube channels recommendations, that can help you with each one of the topics.

This post is not only for those who are quarantined, having to stay 100% of the time at home, maybe for the first time. I also thought about people who already stay home full time in a normal situation, who don’t work outside, or work from home office.

I’ve been at home full time since I came to live in Texas, and to be honest, I love my life as it is today! I love staying at home, being able to choose my routine and not having to go out to work as I did when I lived in Brazil. And I’m very grateful for being able to stay safe in my home in this pandemic situation. Every person in the same situation should be very grateful too.

I am a very introverted person, who loves reading, listen to music, watch and I really enjoy my moments alone or only with my husband and our cats. So, you should already realize that being in quarantine is not a problem for me!

In fact, I love staying at home! But I don’t like not having anything to do. I always try to occupy my day and follow an active routine. I cook every day, take care of all the house cleaning activities, read, study, create content for Blog, Pinterest and Instagram, exercise when the laziness leaves me (this is something I keep trying to improve, because I want to be more active and do exercises more frequently).

Also, I always try to have moments to relax, watch a serie episode, listen to music/podcasts, and practice a little self-care. Not to mention moments with my husband. All of this ends up taking up a lot of my week, and in contrary to what many people may think, I am quite busy, despite not working out. And I don’t even have kids yet!

For me, it is very important to know how to find joy in the small moments of my day and in my home in the first place, and then find it out there too. Our home is where we stay with our family, where we have food and comfort, where we keep all our personal things, which bring us memories, and which must be a place of peace and refuge. And why not, also learn to have fun, work and build a healthy routine even when you’re at home!?

On today’s post, I listed 23 things you can do at home and I separated them in five big categories:


I hope some of these recommendations can be helpful for you. And you can pick at least one to put into practice in your free time at home! So, let’s go to the tips!



Many things you can do at home

1 – Learn how to draw.

I bought the book “You can draw in 30 days” few months ago on Amazon, and I was waiting for a good opportunity to start. I’d like to learn more about Graphic Design and Photography to improve my skills for the blog and I read on an designer’s article months ago that learn how to draw is the best way to start. The lessons are simple and progressive, and you can do most of them in 20min daily and also in your own time, not in 30 days how is said on the tittle.

So, if you’re looking for improve your skills or just distract yourself learning a new hobby, you will love this.

You can see the book in the first picture and cover of this post and also to buy on the link right bellow:

You Can Draw in 30 Days book

2 – Learn how to cook new recipes.

I always hated to cook. And I was always very bad doing until simple things like cook an egg. But since I’ve decided to live a healthier life, it has been a challenge and I’ve learned so much on this past few months. I improved a lot my cooking skills and I still want to learn more and more to cook almost with perfection, at least perfection for me.

Right bellow are some of my favorite sources to learn new recipes. Most of them are of healthy/clean, plant-based recipes. But also comfort food, baking goods, and the Brazilians Channels have a little of everything.

3 – Do an online course.

Here are my favorite platforms to do free and affordable online courses in many areas such as photography, design, marketing, computer science, etc.

Skillshare | Coursera | Udacity | EDX | Udemy



Many things you can do at home

I always dreamed in have a beautiful house, with a big yard and garden, and a happy life! Not a perfect life without problems, because that does not exist! But a calm life, with no family drama and fights, and a place where I could have peace in the middle of this chaotic world we live in. So, our home should be a place where we can enjoy relaxing moments and relief of difficult days.

So, here are some things to relax, and also some relaxing things that makes us to use our creativity.

4 – Journaling.

Here are my favorite blogs and Instagram profiles to learn and get inspired to buy your fist journal, if you never do this before, and start journaling right now.

Little Miss Rose

Minimal Plan

The Petite Planner/Journaling

Brazilian: @teawithjournal

5 – Read new books.

This is something very basic and obvious! Don’t know what to do at home? Go and read a book. If you don’t enjoy reading so much, I recommend start for those who can teach you something about a subject you like, inspirational, interactive books, like those to write lists and things you enjoy. And also few-pages books. Fiction/very extensive books can be a little tiring and don’t hold your attention for so long if you’re not so interested in reading.

These are some of my favorite Instagram profiles to have many good recommendations and get inspired to read more.

@everlasting.charm | @whatshotblog | @reesesbookclub

Brazilian: @teawithmel

6 – Listen to Podcasts/audio books.

I still don’t have the habit to listen to audio books, but here are some of my favorite podcasts.

Some of my favorite podcasts:


7 – Watch new series/movies/TV shows.

34 Favorite Movies to Watch at Home and a Checklist Page for Free Print

I will write a post with my favorite series to watch this year soon.

8 – Practice beauty/self-care.

I don’t consider self-care just beauty procedures, like doing the nails, wearing face masks and applying beauty products on the body how we usually see out there. But also, have a time to be more kind with yourself and do that frequently.

Eliminate the things that make us bad or sick, eat well, rest enough, have a warm mug of tea in the middle of the afternoon, lie down on the bed and watch your favorite serie after a busy day, or read a great book that you really wanted to read for a long time are simples pleasures and some of the most valuable when we are talking about self-care.

Do little things that make us happy. Enjoy little moments of joy alone, and just relax give us an incredibly huge difference in our capacity for resilience and in how we see our lives, because we won’t live all the time stressed, only thinking about work and the life’s problems, and we will know that we will always have those little moments that can recharge our energy to continue.

One Youtube Channel that inspires me: Girl in Calico

Instagram IG: @dosesofcalm

30 DIY Beauty Treatments You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Home

9 – Enjoy time with your family.

If you have kids:

At Home Activities For Kids Ebook!

25 Things to Do with Kiddos When Stuck at Home (I don’t like this term “stuck”, but I love follow this blog and all the tips are simply lovely and useful!)

10 – Play with your pets.

Many things you can do at home

11 – Stretching/Yoga/Dance.

The Most Effective Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

12 – Spend time alone, just relaxing your mind and body lying on the couch.

It’s completely ok don’t do anything sometimes! Do things all the time can be good for some people, but that really do not work for me. So, even if you like and want to do be occupied all the time, I honest recommend you to have these moments of rest. Our body and mind need this and it will make us return to our activities even better.



Many things you can do at home

13 – Create a new vision/mood board.

Make a new vision/mood board for your home office or bedroom. You can do it printing your favorite family/travel pictures that were lost in your phone or camera, making a collage with old magazine pages, printing quotes from the internet and many more.

Buy the prettiest prints to decorate your space: By Tezza

How to make a vision board

7 cute prints for free: My new home office mood board and lovely images for free download

14 – Do some crafts.

here are my favorite blogs to always learn how to do new and fun crafts for your home and kids.

Lovely Indeed

A Beautiful Mess

Good House Keeping

15 – Start a blog to share your experiences.



Some websites to learn how to start your own blog:

Dana Nicole

Ivory Mix

Blog Pixie



16 – Start a new home décor project.

30 Home Projects to Tackle this Weekend



Many things you can do at home

17 – Clean and organize your home.

Favorite posts and tips:

Your Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Everything You Should Organize by Color

Simple ways to refresh your home without spending money

Favorite books to buy on Amazon: The complete book of clean | The complete book of home organization

18 – Organize your tech devices.

How to Clean All of Your Tech Devices, from Your Smartphone to Your AirPods

19 – Shop your groceries online.

How to Shop Online Safely

My two favorite platforms to buy groceries online: Thrive Market | Imperfect Foods

We have both subscriptions now. They are being great to save our time from having to go shopping at the supermarket, and have a very significant variety of fresh vegetables / fruits (Imperfect foods) and natural/healthier products (Thrive Market) for you to receive weekly without leaving home. What has helped a lot in this quarantine time.

20 – Cook your favorite breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.

Cook your favorite meals with your family is a great way to stay closer, talk to them and have fun without go out of your home.

You can find my favorite cookbooks on item 2.



Many things you can do at home

21 – Do online tours for famous museums.

Bored at Home? Here’s a Massive List of Museums, Zoos, and Theme Parks Offering Virtual Tours

22 – Spend some time collecting inspiration on Pinterest.

My Pinterest

My favorite boards for inspiration: Wellness Tips | Bucket Lists | Healthy Recipes | Inspirational Quotes | DIY – Do It Yourself | Coffee, Books and Tea | Healthier/Conscious Lifestyle | Home Organization/Household | My personal Style Inspirations

Tips to stay home – Portuguese: Mente sã. Corpo saudável

23 – Start your own garden.

You can find all you need to know about gardening here: Better Homes & Gardens/Gardening



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Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!






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