Favorite Links of March: COVID-19, Stay Home and Spring/Easter Inspirations

Favorite links of March

March took much longer to pass for many people. People who have been or are sick, those who know some friend or close relatives who are sick, who are having to be in quarantine, brands’ owners that are unable to work properly, who live in regions with a lot of people, where have a rapid growth of the number of coronavirus infections, such as New York-USA, tourist cities in Italy, Wuhan-China, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro-Brazil.

Also for those people who work with essential functions, who cannot stop working, those who don’t have the privilege of being able to stay at home in quarantine and who are outside every day putting their lives and of others at risk in order to putting money and food at home. The month was not the easiest for the world and we still don’t know for sure when it will all end!

Many stores and local businesses have been ordered to close for the next three weeks, and the official quarantine deadline has been extended to the end of April here in the United States. The situation is not the best, I know.

But, if you research about our history, you will surely read that we have lived through much worse things since the world is the world, since we are human and inhabit on this planet. We have been through far more infectious plagues and wars that decimated entire cities in Europe just a few centuries and decades ago. And yet, we survived, entire cities were rebuilt and everything returned to normal with time. And here we are here to live even more history.

I read that it is normal, from time to time, for the types of viruses that we already know to mutate and new cases of viruses arise. And like everything new, adaptation is necessary. Medicine and science need study that new virus in order to create possible vaccines, preventive measures, medications, until eradication or control is achieved. And from time to time, it is quite certain that we will go through these things eventually. This has always happened since this world exist.

I’m not saying that this situations is to not concern. I’m just saying that we passed for many, many other bad things during the centuries and we survived. People always find some solution and the life goes back to normal again. That is a comfort way to keep us calm and conscious.

What I’m looking forward for the month of April is that people know how to practice patience. Seek to strengthen their resilience, which is the ability to rise up after live difficult situations. Have the courage to face the situation with calm and empathy for others, do not overload your emotions and spread even more fear on social medias. And be aware that they are doing their best to control the situation, and in fact do. Adopt all preventive hygiene measures, and have the most efective social distance as possible, until everything is fine and everybody can came back to their normal lives.

I believe, and I prefer always believe on that side, that we can also learn something positive from bad situations, such as this pandemic, and for sure, when it is over, we will not be the same. The world will no longer be the same, control and health measures will not be the same, and the way you see your life may also not be the same. Only depends on you.

People who are being forced to stay at home can learn to value even more the family moments, cook more at home and eat healthier. They can learn how to find joy in small, simple pleasures, like a movie night at home with the one you love, instead of glamorous party with a lot of people you barely know.

People who are having to take care of their homes alone without domestic service, and having to teach their children, since schools are closed; people who are having to save more on food and be creative with the meals of the week; people who are having their jobs harmed, who needed to cancel their Spring plans. Those who know someone who has been infected, and in the first moment, did not gave due attention to the problem, thinking that it would be just a common flu.

May all these people be no longer the same and learn also something good from this situation. May they become better people than they were before when life returns to normal, more strong, more resilient, more patient, more prepared than ever. This would really be the ideal and it is what I wish for the month of April and the next ones to come.

I continue with my routine normally, I’m taking care of our home and I did some general cleaning in the cabinets, bathrooms and closet. I wrote a lot less for the blog, but I am cooking a lot more and taking way better care of my health. In fact, I’ve been cooking a lot… even more than I would like. I’m still learning how to stay organized with all the house tasks (even after two years), make meal prep and cook in more quantity to store in the fridge and do not have to cook all day. Here says the person who barely knew how to fry an egg three years ago. So, I’m very proud of myself and what I have learned until now.

I’m not afraid to get the virus, but there were days when I felt apprehensive about having a very specific diet and the scarcity of many specific foods in the supermarkets. This was because many people despaired at first, and went out buying in large quantities to stock up for months. After that, the local supermarkets here in Texas started to supervise the limit of people at a time inside the places, and the quantity of products that they took at once, so everyone could find what is needed. We also made two online subscriptions that I mention below and we are receiving most of the vegetables, fruits and pantry essentials at home. We still don’t find some basic products such as regular pasta, toilet paper, but it’s been okay to live with what we already have and the others that are available.

As always, I have read a lot about health, food and well-being. And since this last month, I have been following a little bit the news, in some sources, which I think are trusted. So, on today’s post, I made a very long list (also a very long post) of my favorite links of March.

You can find very cool posts about hygiene tips, what to do at home and help others, some interesting opinions about the situation, some cute Spring/Easter inspirations, my favorite recipes, some new kitchen items from my Amazon’s wish list and at the end of the post, you can download for free a similar quote with the one you can see in the cover “There’s always hope”.

This is the last time I talk about coronavirus directly here on the blog. I just wanted to write a little bit about the past month, talk about how I feel and what I expect from this situation in a realistic way. Do not just show cute pictures, cute posts and do not mention what’s happening. I don’t like to talk about these things on my Instagram. I like to keep that space more free of drama. So, the blog is the ideal place to talk a little more for me.

I hope you enjoy the text and links!


Hygiene and health habits to help us to stay safe.

COVID-19 Conversations and Tools for Bolstering Your Immune System – Goop

How to Wash Your Hands Properly, According to a Doctor – Martha Stewart

How to Clean All of Your Tech Devices, from Your Smartphone to Your AirPods – Martha Stewart

Hand Sanitizer Is Selling Out in Many Places—Here’s How to DIY Your Own – Real Simple

It’s been difficult find until some of the ingredients, but I thought this post useful for those looking for a simple homemade alternative.

Simples ways to help others.

A Few Ways We’re Trying To Help Right Now – Gal Meets Glam

How to Support Kids, Seniors, and Vulnerable Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Goop

What to do at home.

9 Things You Can Do While Hiding Out From COVID-19 – The Every Girl

15 Hobbies You Can Start at Home Today – The Every Girl

Working from home: 7 tips to stay motivated and productive – Minimal Plan

7 Ways to Connect With Others and Feel Less Alone _ The Every Girl

Stay home + Make something – A Beautiful Mess – Still in time to participate of the challenge!

Showing some love during difficult times…

Love during coronavirus – Quote – A cup of Jo

Interesting opinions:

What Social Distancing Looked Like in 1666 – The New York Times

That was an opinion from the NY Times writer, but I thought the text very interesting. It’s about what happened in 1965-1966 when the bubonic plague began in London. Reading that and other facts about our history, I realized that we lived very worse things in the past and we survived all of them!

I Refuse to Run a Coronavirus Home School – The New York Times

Our recent subscriptions to buy groceries online:

Thrive Market | Imperfect Foods

Comfy and cute outfits to buy online:

Lulus – Comfort Zone | Old Navy – Cozy at Home

Some new items on my Amazon wish list to buy soon:

Salad Spinner | Silicone Avocado Huggers | Vintage Bread Box

Spring/Easter inspirations:

I almost forgot that Easter is coming soon and I thought these inspirations simply lovely!

38 Beautiful Easter Decorations for 2020 – Southern Living

I’m keeping all my favorite inspirations on this board “Spring/Easter Decor Ideas”:



Favorite recipes:

TERIYAKI CHICKEN | easy 20-minute chicken recipe


3 Healthy Salmon Recipes | 20 Minute Dinner Ideas


There’s always hope quote for free print:

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Favorite links of March


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Favorite Links of March: COVID-19, Stay Home, Easter Decor and What You Can Do in Difficult Times

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