How to Create a Cozy Space to Work/Study from Home

how to create a cozy space to work-study from home


I know that many people are experiencing stay more time at home for the first time in their lives recently, and many are working and/or studying for home too. Other are more familiaSo, on today’s post, I’m going to share my tips for you to create a cozy space to work/study from home.

When you are at home, even if you’re used to staying home, like me, you’re always surrounded by many temptations that can steal our attention and making it more difficult to have a productive day of work or study. I know for my own experience that have a specific space in the house only for work/study is essential to make us stay focused and be productive.

If you’ve never had a special corner in your home to study and work, or you’re having to deal with a new stay home routine for the first time, here are some basic tips, which are very useful for me, and I’m sure they will help you to create a comfortable and inspiring space as well.


how to create a cozy space to work-study from home


1 – Make sure that you have at least the basics.

Basics for me are:

  • A comfortable chair: The chair is the most important piece of all, as it is where you will spend hours of your work/study day. An uncomfortable chair can cause or worsen a lot back problems, cause neck pain and even make your whole body sore and worsen your posture. That will impact in your healthy and will make your days a lot less productive. Choose a comfortable and reasonably priced chair. You don’t need to buy any expensive, luxury furniture. It’s also important, even with a very comfy chair, have short breaks during the day to move around a little bit and stretch.


  • A computer or notebook: I personally, prefer a notebook because is light weight and I can bring it for the other rooms in the house when I want to change my view. But one computer is another basic that is important to create a proper space, specially to work from home.


  • A desk: Even a small desk can play pretty well if you only need of your computer or some stationery items to work/study. A small desk is even better if you have a limited space at home. You can also use a multifunctional table that can be a desk on the times you need to work/study or a dressing table when you need to do your make up or beauty care.

Here are some stores where you can buy online very affordable and versatile office furnitures for all styles. All the links go directly for the office furniture category.

WayFair | Walmart| Target | Ikea US | All modern

My desk | My chair


2 – Choose a good source of artificial light.

Choosing a good and close source of artificial light is essential if you are going to use this space at night. I like to have a lamp with a warm and soft light on my desk, which I leave facing the notebook screen. I like to leave the main light of the room turned off, even at night, and just keep the lamp on because I find it more cozy. But be careful to do not make it too comfortable and end up sleepy.

The lamp should always be on the opposite side to which one you write. So, if you are right-handed, like me, put it on the left side. If you are left-handed, place it on the right side of the desk.

You can also choose a floor lamp to save space on the desk, or even put those on the wall or a minimalist pendant on the ceiling, which will look beautiful and super different in the decoration.

Here are some pretty and very affordable lights: Ikea lights

My lamp: I didn’t find that copper.


how to create a cozy space to work-study from home


3 – Keep your desk close to the window for natural light.

This is the tip number one if you want to find a space to create a home office in your home and don’t know how to start.

It is much more pleasant to be able to work and study with a view from the window than in a dark place looking at the wall. My table is facing the wall, because I preferred this layout, but I have the window and all the natural light very close.

I love drink a tea in the late afternoon, turn the chair over, put my feet on the window and spend a few minutes contemplating the golden hour. I still want to change my home office a lot and everything is still far from the way I wanted, but I will always want to keep the desk close to the window.


4 – Install a good wi-fi connection in your home.

It’s no use having all the furniture and space available, if you don’t have a good internet connection. Most of the work from home is remote and related to technology, or always has some task in which you will need to be connected to some platform, system, access websites.

This is also valid for study, if you intend to take online courses, stay connected with others, or even to search for content of your interest on the web.

Here, we always prefer have a good source of wi-fi and we use a router, because it provide wireless internet for all of our devices (My husband works from home too) and I can use mine in the entire house without need of cable.


how to create a cozy space to work-study from home


5 – Buy a basic planner to organize your daily tasks.

After choosing the right space and buying the basics, it’s time to start organizing yourself to have a corner as comfortable and also productive as possible. For this reason, I think it is important to buy a planner to write all your work/study activities. That way, you do not get lost in the middle of other tasks that you will do at home, such as household and personal activities.

Always leave your planner in an easily accessible place, if you can, or on the desk itself, so you can read the tasks every day before starting them and write down the ones for the next day when you finish.

Here are very affordable and pretty planners to buy on Amazon:

Amazon Planners 2020-2021


6 – Keep a bottle of water on your desk.

To make this space even more comfortable, I like to keep things close by that I know I will need during those hours that I will be using the office. I have always been a person who didn’t like to drink water, and I often spent the whole day without drinking one single cup.

So today, since I decided to have a healthier life, I always keep a bottle of natural water and a glass cup in the books shelf, close to my desk. It also saves me a lot of time without having to get up and go to the kitchen. In the future, I want to buy a vintage mini fridge to put on my office. But only in the future and after we buy the other things I want and are more necessary for our home.

If you don’t like of natural water, here are many options of thermos water bottle that can keep your water cold for many hours, or even other beverages warm, such as tea or coffee: Amazon Thermos Water Bottle.


7 – Provide a way to make coffee/tea close or ready to be used.

Always keep your coffee maker, teapot or tea kettle ready to be used, to make easier to have a warm beverage in the middle of the afternoon without spending too much time.

I had put our compact coffee maker on the books shelf, but I ended up putting it back in the kitchen months ago, because I am not drinking coffee.

If you want something fancy, it’s worth investing in a compact coffee maker that can fits right on your desk without taking too much space, or maybe in some furniture next to it. Keep also all the ingredients close and organized in little baskets, such as coffee capsules, a little container with sugar, one mug, one spoon and water to replace.

Here are my compact coffee maker: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker. It’s very thin and cute. Perfect for small spaces and offices.

My tea kettle


how to create a cozy space to work-study from home


8 – Always keep some snacks ready to eat in the fridge/pantry.

Do the same described on the last item for snacks and always keep some ready to eat in the fridge or pantry, to save time during the study/work hours and to have the comfort of always having an easy tasty snack while we are at the home office.

Some of my favorite snacks for the week are sliced fruits such as watermelon or pineapple, grapes or apple with almond butter, my homemade vegan chocolate truffles, fresh dates or an açaí bowl with my favorite fruits on top. That last one I just need to mix everything into the blender, but I always keep the ingredients ready to use.


9 – Keep a cozy blanket in your chair.

To make the little new corner even more comfortable and charming, there is no better accessory than a very fluffy blanket. If you are in a warmer season, choose a soft, lighter fabric, such as cotton. In the autumn/winter invest in velvet, faux fur blankets in neutral tones to keep your office very charming and stay cozy when you are studying/working in colder days.

Here are some throw blankets with affordable prices where I usually buy mine: Target Throw Blanket | Ikea Blankets


10 –  Decorate  little by little with cozy elements.

After defining the perfect space, having the basic items, and organizing some essential elements for the routine to flow, it’s time to think a little more about the decoration. This is something you can only do with time. In my case, for example, we moved to this house about 1 year and a half ago and I’m far way from having a definitive decoration for my home office. I’ve moved things around so much that I have already lost the count. And this it’s okay.

If you are going to do everything by yourself, without any architect or decorator, my tip is to go shopping for things little by little, collect inspirations on Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, stop to feel the room and realize what really reflects your personality and what you like the most to have around and help you to feel inspired and motivated to work/study at home. You don’t have to hurry. After all, you only need a little to start.

But, if you have more directions, invest in cozy elements such as plants, pants hangs, books, blankets, straw/wooden baskets/storages, flowers vases, warm lights, string lights, neutral tones, photo collages, Inspirational quotes, wooden frames and natural candles.

See also this old post If you’re interested:

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Hope you enjoy the tips and can feel inspired with them!



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how to create a cozy space to work-study from home

how to create a cozy space to work-study from home

how to create a cozy space to work-study from home


Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!





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