Açaí Bowl Recipe and 3 Brands to Buy Dairy-Free Chocolates

Açaí bowl recipe and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates


After living years and years of my life with food allergies and intolerances, among other problems that I developed afterwards, I decided to become dairy-free and cut completely all the milk products from my diet.

This was a new universe for me, because until then, I was used to consuming almost everything made with milk products in small quantities, even though I was lactose intolerant. I despaired a little at first and even thought that I could never eat sweets or any dessert I liked again.

Fortunately, I was completely wrong, and after months of research and new tries and discoveries, here I am, facing endless possibilities, with which ones I can continue eating the things I love and still be healthier.

So, today’s post is a little bit different. I’m going to share an easy, very delicious and healthy açaí bowl recipe and also 3 brands that I discovered recently to buy dairy-free chocolates.



This post is not sponsored by any of the brands that I mention here. I found these brands during my daily researches on the internet since I started looking for a healthier life. And I found that this post could be very useful for someone who is also looking for it.


First of all, I love açaí and even though I no longer live in Brazil, I always manage to quench some of the homesickness that I always ate there.

I used bought ready açaí bowls in some healthier places here in Austin, but recently, in one of my trips to Whole Foods, I discovered this brand of açaí blend, named Sambazon, and I now, I’ve made my own bowl at home, with healthy, delicious and very nutritious ingredients that I do love.

And nothing better for me than a taste of açaí with strawberries and chocolate. This is without a doubt my favorite combination with açaí, and for that reason, I decide to also recommend where to buy the best dairy-free chocolates to enjoy with your bowl or other sweet snack you like. I’m going to show right below how is super easy to make this bowl for an afternoon’s snack…


Açaí bowl recipe.


Açaí bowl and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates


Ingredients for the blend:

  • 2 packs of unsweetened açaí blend (Sambazon)
  • 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk (I made my own)
  • 1/2 cup of frozen/fresh strawberries
  • 1 banana (If you want the blend sweeter. You can use 1/2 banana if you prefer)
  • 1 tsp of grounded Ceylon cinnamon (I recommend this one from Simply Organic)
  • 1 tsp of raw honey (You can also add more honey, if you want)

For the top:

  • Sliced fresh strawberries
  • Fresh/frozen blueberries (I love the combo strawberry + blueberry!)
  • Dark chocolates pieces (I used Midnight coconut 100% cacao and Signature dark 72% cacao)
  • Grounded Ceylon cinnamon
  • Hemp seeds (I’m using this one from Nutiva). You can add any other seed or nut  you like.
  • You can also add sliced bananas or any other toppings of your choice


  • Remove the açaí blend packages from the freezer about one minute before.
  • Add all the ingredients together in a blender and mix until the consistency you like
  • Put the mix in a bowl
  • Slice 3 or 4 fresh strawberries and dark chocolates pieces to add on top
  • Choose other toppings you like (I chose blueberries)
  • Finish with a little bit more of grounded cinnamon and hemp seeds.


The bowl was sweet in the right way for me because I added honey and sweetie fruits in the blend. But you can add coconut sugar instead of honey, if you prefer. Or even sprinkle cocoa powder instead of cinnamon on top. Whatever is your choice, it will be very delicious. So, enjoy!


3 Brands to buy dairy-free chocolates.


If you’re looking for a dairy-free diet or some healthy chocolates alternatives for snacks or baking, here are my recommendations of brands, that I discovery these last few months, to buy organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates, and also where to buy each one of them.


Evolved Chocolate.

I used the Evolved dark chocolates 100% and 72% cacao on this açaí bowl. The 100% cacao bar come with shared coconut and that is my favorite! I’m trying this one more often because I’m trying to reduce my sugar intake. I only eat the chocolate bar with 72% cacao sometimes, when I really want something sweeter. I always loved dark chocolates taste, so it’s not difficult for me eat the darkest, including the 100% cacao. But they have many other options of chocolate bars, butters and creamy chocolate cups.

Açaí bowl recipe and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates

This image is a screenshot from the brand’s Instagram

Buy Evolved Chocolate on Amazon| Instagram | Website | Recipes Ideas


Pascha Chocolate.

I discovered PASHA chocolate in one of the videos on Downshiftology Youtube Channel, where she also shares several wonderful and healthier sweet recipes. I recently bought their chocolates chips for baking and my husband made chocolate truffles for me on Easter Sunday with them (also a downshiftology recipe). They also have many options for baking and snacking, including white chocolate that I do want to try in the future.

Açaí bowl recipe and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates

This image is a screenshot from the brand’s Instagram

Buy Pascha Chocolate on Amazon | Instagram | Recipes Ideas


Hu Chocolate.

I found out about HU chocolates on my Thrive Market subscription and that was the third brand that I really liked. I haven’t bought any of their products yet, because I still have chocolates from the two previous brands at home. But I will do it soon! They also have organic, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free chocolates, and a wide variety of chocolate bars and chips for snacking and baking.

Açaí bowl recipe and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates

This image is a screenshot from the brand’s Instagram

Buy on Amazon | Instagram



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Açaí bowl recipe and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates

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Açaí bowl and 3 brands to buy dairy free chocolates


Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!



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