Little Things That Bring Joy

Little things that bring joy


Well, this post should have been published on Friday. But these last few days ended up not being very productive as they should be. I woke up late. I had other things in the house to take care of. And on top of that, I was still a little bit sick with a throat and sinusitis crisis that insists on not leaving. By the way, I do not look sick, but I’ve been doing things more slowly than usual lately and prioritizing my health. However, I really want to keep the frequency of the blog posts and I had planned this one some time ago.

So, today I’m going to write about little things that bring us joy, even in difficult times, like this one we all are currently experiencing with the large number of coronavirus cases, many people having to be quarantined and others being daily exposure to danger to make sure that other people are safe at home and treated in the hospitals.

Difficult times will always exist, and the difference lies in the simple fact of how you choose to deal with them. Do you choose to despair or embrace the smallest and sweetest details of life that can bring you into the light in the dark? I always prefer light.

I know that everything can be more difficult for some people than for others, and I consider myself one of the most privileged ones, because I can stay at home now and for everything I have today. I have nothing to complain about, and it is certainly simpler for me to talk about little things in life while I am surrounded by comfort and security.

But anyway, regardless of where you live, and what situation you are living today, I would like to remind you that it’s just the little moments that have the most power to change your day and the way you see life completely.

Today, I’m listing right below some of my favorite things that bring me joy in times of quarantine and also in my normal routine. Maybe any of these things is the one you were looking for to warm your heart this week!

Enjoy the post!


Little things that bring joy


1 – No alarm clock.

The best days of the week for me are those when I have no time to wake up! If you work during the week, enjoy the weekend to sleep much more than usual. Allow yourself to relax your mind and body, turn off all your alarms, and don’t bother yourself with schedules at least once in a while!

2 – Warm coffee or tea.

A warm beverage can work miracles. So I don’t live without several mugs of tea daily. I was a coffee addicted, but I stoped completely seven months ago. Nowadays, I prefer even more tea and my favorites are ginger, turmeric, peppermint and camomile/lavender blend. But, no matter which one you prefer, make that the perfect moment of your day, always drinking it with a fun mug, your favorite flavors and also in the best spot in your home.

3 – Comfy clothes.

There’s nothing better than being comfortable! And clothing is something that makes all the difference in this topic. In fact, that is almost a rule that I try to fulfill almost every day. Always dress up every day as if you were going out, choose comfortable and practical pieces, even if they are to stay at home. And sometimes, dress up a lot more fancy than usual, even if it’s just to stay at home. Why not!?

Choose comfortable, fun clothes that you like, and those that allow you to move well when making your daily tasks at home, such as wash the dishes or clean the house. My favorite combo is always cotton leggings with a maxi t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt, and matching shorts and blouses. Maxi and comfy dresses are also great.


Little things that bring joy


4 – TV shows and movies.

This is my favorite, always!
Believe me! Even for those who have everything, life is not just full of roses and happiness every day. When the days are a little rough, all I love to do is watch! And I can spend hours and hours marathoning series or videos on Youtube. So, choose your favorite movies and shows, download a streaming platform and immerse yourself in an interesting story for the next weeks and always you can.

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5 – Taking photos.

When I am in a very good mood and more disposal, this item becomes my favorite ever! I love photography. And I  love posing for photos to share on the blog and Instagram, and also to keep as a memory. After taking photos, I love to scroll on my cellphone looking at old pictures and remember of those fun moments.

Wear a different outfit, organize a cute and close to natural light corner, choose some elements such as tea/coffee mugs, camera, pillows, blanket, string lights or even balloons for something funnier. Ask someone at home to shoot the pictures for you, or use a tripod and a remote shutter to take them by yourself.

6 – Cats.

One of the best things in life is being surrounded by pets, for the simple fact that they are so innocent and capable of offering an absurdly great, pure and uninteresting love. There’re studies that prove that being surrounded by pets, such as cats and dogs can help to minimize symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

I always had the dream of having a dog. But I ended up never having the opportunity to have one in my childhood, and as an adult, it has work all day, study, I moved to live alone, a lot of obligations, few resources, and I always found some excuse for not adopting a pet. But, after I met my husband and started taking care of his two cats, Babi and Bia, with him, I sometimes stop and think how much time I wasted without having these little girls in my life.

People tend to prefer dogs more, but cats are also very loving if you have the opportunity to know them. So, if you have cats or other pets, take some time of your days to pay more attention and play with them. Allow yourself to relax and spend a few hours without pressure, having a little fun with them, or just resting close to your friend and notice how much better you will feel after that.


Little things that bring joy


7 – Cozy moments.

I love cozy moments! They warm our hearts a little, even after a hard day. A mug of tea, a fluffy blanket, comfortable pajamas, a good book or magazine… They’re my favorite things ever to do in cloud and cold days. But even in the warm days, sometimes, life is exhausting, and you need to stop and take little breaks to relax your body from the busy routine.

Create a comfortable and relaxing little space in your home by adding some cozy elements, such as a comfy chair, pillows, natural candles, flowers, plants, blankets, books, your favorite warm beverage and some snacks. And take some time even with a busy week to relax on it.

8-  Music.

I already said here that I love listening to music. In fact, music has the power to make us relax and unwind, and to connect our thoughts only to that melody for a few moments.
So, always set aside even a few minutes in your day to listen to songs you like to appreciate little extra moments of joy, even with a busy routine.

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Little things that bring joy


9 – Warm baths.

I cannot live without warm showers. Really! rsrs… I hate taking a shower or bath with cold water! A warm bath after a day of work, study or housework is the best thing. The warm water is extremely relaxing, helps to relax the muscles and to slow down our body for a good night of sleep. Warm baths are always on the top of the list of things that bring me little joys. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or Winter for me.

10 – Fresh flowers.

Flowers bring a lot of joy and a fresh smells to the house, and they are one of the things I love the most when I want to brighten up some room.

Here in our home, we can’t have natural flowers all the time, because Bia likes to bite and even swallow them. So, it’s not always worth investing on it, as Bia may feel bad eating some plant or flower, and also, they end up not living much because of the bites. So, as a second option, I like to decorate with artificial flowers, which also add a little bit of color and joy as well.

11 – A clean house.

Every topic I write, I say is my favorite! Hahah. Maybe I should say right away that all I list here are my favorite equally, because for me, there is no better feeling during the week than a clean and fresh home. Better than that feeling, just nails and hair done too, all in the same day.

So, my tip for this item is to have a consistent cleaning schedule to always have your home organized and clean without accumulating many tasks. Also, enjoy the moments after your cleaning time. Light up some natural scented candle, make your favorite snack and drink, put your favorite playlist to play loudly throughout the house, and enjoy some moments of your clean and fragrant home.


Little things that bring joy


12 – Fancy brunch.

To compensate those days when we wake up lazy or late for our tasks and appointments, take a few days of the month, or maybe every weekend to have a more elaborate, fancy brunch. Search for easy and delicious recipes in advance, wake up a little early to prepare everything, set your table in a very beautiful and different way, and enjoy it with your family or partner!

Breads, fruits, poached eggs, smoothies, juices, salads, some sweets or pastry, coffee and tea are great options for brunch. I’m sure that this fancy moment will bring even more joy and make your day different and better.

13 – A special dinner.

I recommend the same thing from the previous item for dinner. A special dinner sometimes will cheer you up and get you out of the routine. Search recipes on YouTube channels, blogs and Pinterest. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients at home before that night to skip more stress, dress up as if you were going out for dinner, set a simple and beautiful table, and enjoy a different night without leaving your home.

14 – Magazines.

Last but not least, another things that brings me little moments of joy are magazines. I loved collecting fashion and interiors magazines since I was younger and I had a bookshelf full of them when I lived in Brazil. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of all them when I moved to Texas, and I also decided not to buy so many magazines to save money.

But if you like specific subjects, and you are looking for a more dynamic, informative and fast reading, instead of books, it is worth to buy sometimes magazines about things you like to read during your free afternoons.

Fashion, interior, photography and food magazines are my favorites and I always take a break during the late afternoon to read a little bit always I can.



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Little things that bring joy

Little things that bring joy

Little things that bring joy


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