How to Be More Organized and a Daily Planner for Free Print

How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


On today’s post, I’m going to write about a topic that I always get comments or messages on Instagram asking me: “How are you so organized?”, or “I’d like to be so organized just like you”.

I’m going to share some tips (my deepest personal opinion, as I am not a professional in the area) on how to be more organized in your daily routine, in a very general way, with your activities, at home. And at the end of the post, I also share two very cute (and pink, of course!) pages of a daily planner to download for free (English and Portuguese versions), so you can start to be more organized from now on.

Contextualizing, I wasn’t always an organized person. I hated organizing my bedroom when I was a child and when I grew up a little, I had to learn how to do my own things by myself for necessity. I went to live with my aunt, who worked a lot, the entire day, all the week and didn’t have time to take care of everything (including me). I had to learn how to clean my own room, to wash my own clothes and improvise some food when I was hungry, that was at the age of 12.

To be quite honest, I hated it at all. I hated folding clothes and putting things back after using them. It was at that level. However, I was always very allergic and needed to keep my room as clean as possible. Over the years and as I became a teenager, I got used to it, because I realized that I needed to act like this for my own sake. Who wants to live in a messy and dirty room and sleep on top of a pile of clothes? I didn’t want this, so I was, like I usually say, “forced” to be more organized for my own well-being.

At the age of 24, already graduated from college and with a stable job, I decided to leave my aunt’s house and live in a rent apartment (after a while, I bought my own), and that’s when I realized more than ever the amount of responsibility that I would have ahead. I was no longer only responsible for my bedroom and the dirty clothes of the week. I had an entire apartment, work, groceries of the month and many bills to pay, everything under my care and I needed to make things work to fulfill my dream of having my own home. I made many mistakes and messed things a lot at first, but little by little I learned something here and there…

And that’s when I fell in love completely with home décor! I wanted to see my apartment decorated on my own way, and that made me want to be more organized. If you aren’t organized living alone for the first time, your life becomes a real chaos. I had to work every day, cook, maintain a constant cleaning routine in the apartment, do the monthly/weekly groceries, pay the bills on the right time, learn new things all the time to take care of my home, and still have time to relax, do things I liked, go out with friends at the weekend and continue studying to accomplish other dreams. I feel exhausted just remembering that. But no more stories, let’s start the tips and you all will understand.


How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


1 – You need to want this and enjoy more to be organized than not to be.

First of all, to become a more organized person in life in general, you need to want this. And you need to enjoy being/living in a more organized life much more than the other way.

There are people who get along with their “own mess”, who don’t like to write tasks in a planner, don’t like having a routine, and everything is fine. If this doesn’t create problems in your personal life, at work, it doesn’t hinder your productivity and well-being, everything is absolutely fine! And I don’t see why you want to imitate someone else’s model and want to be what you are not.


2 – Set realistic goals that correspond to your routine.

Setting realistic goals is another important tip for those who want to be more organized. It’s useless to create a thousand goals for the week, if they don’t match with your routine, either with the time you have available to accomplish them. Know how to analyze your routine and the time you plan to invest in small daily actions to keep your life organized.


3 – Turn to be organized an habit for your life.

Turning “organization” an habit in your life is essential. Without it, you can even try to be more organized, plan something here and there, try to put your life in order, but everything will always go back to the way it was before, because you will not be able to keep it as an habit.

There are studies that prove that performing a certain task for more than 21 days makes your brain understand that it is an essential accomplishment for your routine, and after that period, you start to perform it in “automatic mode”. For example, nowadays, making my bed every day as soon as I wake up is something that has been part of my routine for years, and I kind of do it “automatically”. What I mean is that, it’s not a task that I feel lazy or forget to do, because when I wake up, my brain already “understands” that it’s time to make the bed before anything else.

So, if you want to insert a new, more organized routine into your life, it’s important to make it an habit. And after a while, you will be used to performing those actions and them will not be as difficult as them were at the beginning.


How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


4 –  Tackle a routine at a time.

It takes time and dedication to incorporate new habits and a new routine. It’s useless to want to change everything in life at once, because you will not be able to assimilate all this new information and turn it into habits in your life.

So it is important to create a new habit or a new routine at a time. For example, if you want to have the habits of writing your activities on a planner every day, make your bed every morning and do your groceries shopping every 15 days without fail, start with one at a time. And only after being used to that new more organized habit, you can move on to the next one.

The same I recommend for who wants to become more organized in several aspects of your life: in your home activities, your personal life and work, for example. Choose one area at a time and create new, more organized habits in it. And only then, invest in the next one. Choose the one you think will make the biggest difference to get started.

Some people prioritize work, especially if they have their own companies, and this area needs to be the first on the list to be more organized. Other people prefer to be more organized in personal life, and in their homes. I personally, I think that these last two areas are completely interconnected, and for me it has always been a priority to keep my house in order, and then move on to other areas of my life. A more functional and organized home makes all the difference in the routine.


5 – Do a little every day.

There is no more organized life without dedication and a little bit of daily effort. As I mentioned in the previous items, to incorporate new habits, you need to repeat that new task every day until they are completely part of your routine. After that, you need to keep it. You will never see an organized person who has done nothing to get there. There is no organized house if there isn’t the daily effort of the people who live in it. Without it, everything becomes a chaos again and very quickly.

So, do a little every day. Always try something every day. If it doesn’t work, if you can’t do it today, try again tomorrow, but don’t give up. That’s if you really want to become more organized.


6 – Plan and schedule all your important tasks, appointments.

A very important tip to become a more organized person, is always to write down your activities, appointments, birthdays, bills you need to pay, and any other tasks that you need to remember to do on the correct days.

It can be in a planner, pocket notebook, bullet journal, in the notes of the cellphone or in some planning app. The important thing is to keep it in an easy place to access and always on hand, so you can take it to work, for exemple, and be always reviewing during your day.

Plan your fixed tasks and the most important appointments in advance, so they will not to collide with other activities that may happen on the same day. Medical appointments, birthday parties, dinners, paid events and work commitments are the most important, in my opinion. However, I also think that it’s essential for a more organized life, to plan your household activities with some advance. For example, the meals of the week, the days you pretend to buy the groceries for the month, and the bills that need to be paid.


How to be more organized and daily planner for free print_Six


7 – Spend your time intentionally.

One of the organization’s biggest enemies is with no doubt, procrastination. I speak from my own experience because right at the beginning, when I stopped working outside, it was very difficult to get used to the new routine and to have fixed hours of the day to carry out my activities. You’re always surrounded by innumerable temptations when you work or stay at home full time (the TV, internet, your comfy bed, and many others), and it’s very difficult to use your time wisely to maintain a more organized life.

So, use your time intentionally. Do not hesitate of take a rest and do absolutely nothing when you are at tired. We all need to take a break from any routine. But when you’re on your most productive days, try to do things that help with your organization routine. For example, organizing some room in house, planning the next meals for the next week, writing, reading more.

Set a time to do each task of the day and always take short intervals between them. Have a fancy breakfast and be feed well during the day. Enjoy your mornings to do the most important tasks. Take a time to practice self-care and do something you like. Do not use your cellphone at least an hour and a half before bed. Sleep at least eight hours per night and plan your activities for the next day before going to bed.

I like to use my mornings to read my e-mails, drink my smoothie and do some household tasks, such as making the bed, cleaning the cat litter box, organizing the clean clothes in the closet, putting on more laundry, and start the lunch around noon. Only after lunch, I start my other activities (blog and study). When I do the daily house activities in the morning, it seems that my day flows much better. I no longer have to go back and worry about things to organize and I can focus my time only in creative activities in my home office.


8 – Don’t be perfectionist.

Don’t want to do everything always perfect and don’t push yourself so much. Everyone has their moments to just stay in pajamas and relax. Always prioritize your health first and don’t be afraid to ask for help from the ones you love when you need it. Being organized does not have to be an arduous task that takes even more work than not being. If it’s to be like that, it makes no sense to seek a more organized life, because all we seek with this is well-being and more time to be happy and do what we like the most.


9 – Write about your toughs and ideas.

Weeks ago I heard on a podcast about the women universe and the episode talked about the importance of writing about what we think and our ideas to relieve our head from thinking all the time about what we want to do. I thought it was amazing, and I never stopped to think about it. And quickly, I took out my cellphone, opened the notes and started writing a bunch of lists of things that were on my mind at that time, when I was cooking lunch and listening to the podcast. I listed all the items for our home that we need to buy, and I put them in order of priority and I could see that several things I was thinking in buying, were not so essential for now and they could wait a little longer.

If I hadn’t listed them down, I probably would have gone on Amazon’s website and bought some things that aren’t so important now, instead of others that we were needing more.


How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


10 – Make a big cleaning/decluttering in your home.

As I mentioned in previous items, I think that the home organization is a very important part if you’re looking for a more organized routine. I particularly, can’t be a organized person in other areas of my life if my house is not in order. And when I say “being in order” it doesn’t mean always being perfect. But, having a constant, consistent cleaning/organization routine that allows me to enjoy my home with comfort, without unnecessary clutter and being able to carry out my tasks in the proper time.

Below, I listed some very quick tips (topic only) to do a general cleaning/decluttering in your home. I can write another post only about that subject. Write here in the comments if you are interested in reading more about this topic.


       10.1 – Select everything that no longer makes sense to you, and can be donated, sold or can go to the trash.

       10.2 – Give everything your own place in the house.

       10.3 – Group things by categories.

       10.4 – Buy baskets/storages for everything.

       10.5 – Keep everything where you use it.

       10.6 – Make the most of every inch.

       10.7 – Invite your family to be part of the cleaning process and the new organization routine.

       10.8 – Clean/declutter each room at a time.

       10.9 – Make your own natural cleaning products.

       10.11 –  Keep a consistent cleaning/organization routine.


How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


11 – It’s okay not to be organized all the time.

And to finish my tips, it’s okay not to be organized all the time. It’s okay not to worry about a more organized life, if you feel good about everything as it is. Don’t want to copy other people’s style or rules that are “dictated” on the internet.

Try to identify what works or doesn’t work for you, and keep in mind that the most important thing is to improve your well-being, how you perform your activities at home, at work, how you relate to your personal life, and have more time to care about yourself. Organization has to be something uncomplicated and pleasurable and not a big problem. It can be hard at the begging but only until you’re used to the new habits. If it gives you more trouble than not doing that tasks, try another way. There’re some rules, but only to guide us and each one of you have the power to choose what is best for your life.


DAILY PLANNER FOR FREE PRINT (English and Portuguese versions).

I made some changes on the templates before sharing this post, so it looks a little bit different than which one I had printed and came out in these pictures.

I’m sure you will love the pages!


How to be more organized and daily planner for free print

How to be more organized and daily planner for free print

How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


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How to be more organized and daily planner for free print

How to be more organized and daily planner for free print

How to be more organized and daily planner for free print


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