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Welcome to M loves! My name is Maria and I’m 31 years old. I was born in Brazil, in the city of Maceió, state of Alagoas, and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two cats (Babi e Bia) since 2017.

I created this blog in 2018 with the old name Depois do café to share my experiences about personal style, home décor, organization, travel, lifestyle and all my favorite things that can inspire you in some way.

My first passion was for fashion and style when I was about my 20’s and I was at the college in Brazil. And my passion for home décor started right after that when I started collecting magazines. I was completely addicted to them.

At this same time, I wasn’t an organized person at all, but after living alone for more than 5 years, need to work and take care of myself and my home alone for that time, I’ve learned how the organization can bring countless benefits to our life and facilitate our routine.

Nowadays, I’m looking forward to have a healthier life, make better lifestyle choices and focus on my wellness. My husband and I moved to our first home after married in 2018 and I’m in love for decorating our home and see how it’s looking every day our way.

I’m a very organized person and photography lover who loves interiors, personal style, planning and I love so many different hobbies and if I could, I’d love to do all them at the same time.

I love watching comedy, romantic series and movies and I always have a lot of good ones to recommend for you all. I love writing here on the blog, listening to music, reading inspirational and cooking books, using the Pinterest for inspiration, and I still love so much magazines.

I also love polka dots stamps, retro, romantic style, a cozy and lovely home to brings even more joy for my daily routine. I enjoy being at home with my husband and our cats, walking outdoors, in same beautiful park and go to the theatre watch musical and ballet shows.

I’m not a professional in interiors, organization or any of these themes that I talk about here, but I like to search, study by myself and I’m always learning new things that can be helpful for my routine. So, I have property to give you same tips and advices about things that works for me or can inspire you in some way.

Sometimes, I made small changes on this and other pages on the blog… specially because I’m still working to improve my English. So, I really hope you enjoy the blog and can be inspired with my posts!

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Thank you for reading! See you!