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  • Favorite links of April

    Favorite Links of April: All The Things I Loved This Month

      I confess that I haven’t read much on the internet during this last month. The truth is, I was kind of saturated with so much news about Coronavirus and just reading posts about it on all websites. So, I decided to take a break from them and other social medias such as Twitter, and...

  • A lovely Valentine's Day gift guide

    A lovely Valentine’s day gift guide

    Valentine’s Day is coming, and if you live in US, you probably know how people here love to celebrate this holiday. No matter what you’ll do on the day, even if it’s a simple dinner and movie night at home, or going out to a special place, it’s always great enjoy the time with your...

  • home decor shopping list for fall_part 1

    My home décor shopping list for fall (English post)

    On today’s post I’m going to show you my home décor shopping list to renovate some places of our home for fall. For those who live here in United States, we’re enjoying the last weeks of Summer and usually in the September, 1st the people start to do the preparations for the most charming and...